Whether you create your artwork digitally, have a file from a film scan, or have a physical artwork that requires digitisation - we’re here to help prepare your files for the best possible print outcome.

We don’t charge for any file setup if you supply your files in a print-ready state. If you’d like to DIY, our file setup guide will put you in good stead.

Simple File Setup

$4.40 per file

We’ll resize your image to your desired print size, straighten, crop and/or add borders depending on your visual preference.

Detailed File Setup and Retouching Services

$25.00 per 15 minutes / $100.00 per hour (min. charge: 15 minutes)

Including, but not limited to: output adjustments, file clean-up (tone/texture and dust & scratch removal); file enlargements; correction of digital capture flaws; digital compositing; conservation/restoration of old photographs and documents.

File Library Creation

$25.00 per 15 minutes / $100.00 per hour (min. charge: 15 minutes)

If you have a series of artworks you intend to print, we’ll assess each file and set up a complete print-ready library.

Artwork Reproduction Services

See pricing here

We offer in-house artwork reproduction services (via flatbed scanning) for unmounted artworks up to A1 in size.